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Playlist by Lucas Narciso

News 9 September 2020

•Here is a playlist with some of my songs on youtube


The Emperor's Entrance

News 28 August 2020

Hello. This is a original song composed by me. In the beggining, it was a song for cello and piano but, after some tests, it became a composition for trumpet and a string quartet. The complete sheet is available here on MusicaNeo and you can download it just clicking  here. And if you want to here it using your favorite music streaming, just click  here.


A Entrada do Imperador (The Emperor's Entrance)

News 28 August 2020

Olá. Essa é uma composição feita por mim. Originalmente para cello e piano mas, após alguns testes, se tornou uma composição para trompete e um quarteto de cordas. A partitura dessa música está disponível aqui no MusicaNeo para download, segue o link: A Entrada do Imperador - Partitura completa E, caso deseje ouvir no seu streaming de música favorito, é só clicar  aqui.



News 15 August 2020

Hello! For everyone who wants to hear a little of my work or even order some service, here's my Soundcloud which I use as a portfolio.


Os Rios que Correm em Nós

News 15 August 2020

A  video of mine conducting a camerata. I'm a conductor since 2013 and last year I've graduated in it.


Chapel's Reminiscence

News 30 June 2020

The song Chapel's Reminiscence by  Lucas Narciso  , for piano, is now available on  Youtube   in a beautiful video made by his bride, Pâmella Christina, and will soon be available on digital platforms. The score is now available at  Musicaneo .