Lucas Narciso

Composer, Arranger and Conductor
Lucas Narciso

  Lucas Narciso is a brazilian composer, born in 1995. He had contact with music at your     six years old, learning to play the recorder, which is one of your instruments till today. After some years, he distanced himself from the musical studies but never lost contact with it, working as a roadie, he would spend all day with musicians and their bands.  
   In 2012, Lucas came back to musical studies, learning the flute as his main instrument. In 2013, started his conducting classes with the conductor Quiel Nascimento and after these classes, Lucas’s desire to become an arranger and composer just began and intensified his studies in music, learning piano and getting a pro in the flute.
       In 2017, already acting like a conductor and arranger, Lucas started his graduation in music, with conductor Abdnald Santiago graduating himself in Conducting at 2019. During this years, Lucas dedicated his time to learn music production, music engineering, how to use music softwares, score publishing, mixing and mastering. Actually, Lucas is a composer and arranger at your home studio, producing the most multiple genres like soundtracks, orchestral, jazz, pop and gospel.

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Playlist by Lucas Narciso

Новости 09.09.2020

•Here is a playlist with some of my songs on youtube

The Emperor's Entrance

Новости 28.08.2020

Hello. This is a original song composed by me. In the beggining, it was a song for cello and piano but, after some tests, it became a composition for trumpet and a string quartet. The complete sheet is available here on MusicaNeo and you can download ...

A Entrada do Imperador (The Emperor's Entrance)

Новости 28.08.2020

Olá. Essa é uma composição feita por mim. Originalmente para cello e piano mas, após alguns testes, se tornou uma composição para trompete e um quarteto de cordas. A partitura dessa música está disponível aqui no MusicaNeo para download, segue o link: ...